Winter Retreat 2010

Winter Retreat 2010
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Friday, March 13, 2009

Rising Son

This past Wednesday night we had an awesome night. Rising Son, which is Lila, Josh, Tomas Rueda, and Robert led us in worship. It was there first time to lead worship and they did great. Then to top it all off Lila shared the bible study dealing with the difficult subject of personal prayer. Even though it was spring break we had a real good turn out. One thing that amazes me about out youth group is the genuine love that we have for each other. It isn't easy to sing in front of a group of people or to lead a bible study sitting on a stage with all the lights blaring down on you, but kudos to Lila. The message itself couldn't have been more sincere, or relevant to our lives today. Prayer has a real purpose, it isn't just an act of talking into space to an almighty God who knows everything and may or may not listen or respond, it is stopping and talking with God, but He is always listening. He always answers, and His answer is always exactly what we need. Sometimes we get the idea that we don't need to bother God with the things we are going through, or we don't bother to pray unless things start to go wrong, but God's word tells us to pray without ceasing. To always be in prayer, always talk it out with God first.
You know how when you can't wait to talk to your best friend about something that is going on and get her/his opinion on it before you do it? Yeah, let God be first, then your friend, then your parents, then your youth minister if you dare. But stopping to talk with God is what makes the difference.
If you really want God to make a difference in your life, You have to put God first on your best friend list. If you can talk to God like you can talk to your closest friend, imagine the life you would have if you followed His advice every time....WOW!!!
Give it a try, He has already given you a detailed book of good advice, getting to know the bible is more than just old stories about old people, good life lessons if you can figure them out, it is also a place where you can get answers to the things that matter most to you.

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