Winter Retreat 2010

Winter Retreat 2010
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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

We Got Wet!!!

We had such a great time. YES it was 98 degrees in the shade and the heat index was 164 degrees, but the water was cool, the fellowship was great, and the fireworks, were better than......well, forget the fireworks, that was such a small part of the day.
Each day we live is a day to give thanks to God. "this is the day the lord has made". People often forget that each day for each person, is a personalized gift from God. Think about it. You may have asked yourself, "what has God ever done for me?" - He holds the stars in place, He knows every hair on your head (if you have any) and He supplies every breathe that we take.
Some will argue that God isn't that involved with the every day to day world, but I ask, "why not?", "is God so loving, so patient, so concerned about every sin we commit, yet so unconcerned at the same time?" He not only can be that involved, He is that involved. His will and purpose for all people is that they become His children, forgiven AND changed. So today, take a moment and thank God, seriously, for today.

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