Winter Retreat 2010

Winter Retreat 2010
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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Parent Meeting Info

We had a great meeting this past Sunday. Here is a breakdown of what we talked about and what you need to know.

Jan. 10th Youth only cookout at Wingates – to discuss openly future of youth, open up opportunity for students to take leadership roles, to get input on current events and future events, to get evaluation of past events.

Jan. 25th – Youth Fundraiser Lunch, Chicken spaghetti, (clint’s Christmas party lineup) – 10 – 12 grade girls meet at the Kearns on 24th for baking fellowship, 7-9 meet at Andersons.

Jan. 25th – Tickets for meat sale are given out. $12,000 is minimum goal, $14,000 is target goal, $17,000 is our wish goal.
Sell to fire stations, local business (discount tire), big business classic cheverolet, Exxon, build customers for next sale.

Winter Retreat Feb. 6-8.
We will have a meeting Jan. 25th to settle final payments and to fill out permission slips, medical release and we will provide a notary

Feb. 1 – SuperBowl Party here at the FLC.
Games, food, and hopefully a good game to watch on the big screen

Revolve Tour Feb. 13-14
We will fill out forms at the same Jan 25th meeting and settle final payment. Total cost is $45 dollars.

New Sunday School curriculum has begun. Here is who I have confirmed for Jan – may 31
Barbara K
Neesie S
Cheryl K
Missy L
Monnica W
Donna E
Doug L
Steve C

As you can see, we need two more teachers for the boys.
The curriculum is very simple to use and teach from, it is fun to do and the students seemed to get it last Sunday. This Sunday I will be teaching from the discussion based plan, (there are many options to each section of the material). Starting on Jan 19th we hope to have our new teachers in place and ready to start in the breakout after morning motivational activity (department time).

We have a few student spots left for winter retreat.
Here are the sponsors that I have confirmed for Winter Retreat
Neesie S
Missy L
Angela M
Darlene L
Monnica W
Kathy K

David W
Aaron S
Taylor R

I need 4 more adult male sponsors

If your name is not on this list but you are definitely planning on going, please notify either Darlene or myself. I know I am missing some names but these are the ones that I have written down.

If you would like to go to either Revolve Tour (girls only) and/or Winter Retreat, I need to know ASAP.

ROUTE 56 PARENTSBeginning Jan 15th we will have Wednesday night Bible Study for RT 56. Taught by Monnica Wingate. We need a couple of adult sponsors who would like to help and assist in the program and teaching. If you want to help but don’t want to teach that’s fine, we still need a couple of adults to help kick this thing off.

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