Winter Retreat 2010

Winter Retreat 2010
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Wednesday, February 11, 2009


We just got back from my first Winter Retreat. RV Brown was the speaker and he was powerful, literally, benching over 400 pounds at 56 years old. The band did a good job in leading in worship, but it was this one song, Our Great God, that blew me away. I don't normally raise my hands or make a big scene in worship because I don't want to draw attention to me; but I couldn't help it, my bones and my heart and my mind were practically screaming for joy in worship to God.

Jesus was sitting on a mountain side, He knew He was going to die. He knew that His death would provide forgiveness for anyone who would have faith and believe. After He died, He woke up, got up, did some more ministry, then went back to heaven. As if that's not amazing enough:
(there is a seat in heaven, the one who is sitting in it controls the universe, he can stop gravity, photosynthesis, he could just take a break and the laws of physics, the laws of science, and the existence of all life would end) So when Jesus got HOME to heaven, God said, "here, sit at my right hand, its now yours." The same guy who saved everyone who believes, is now running things in heaven and earth. And when we worship, we are going before Him on His throne, He is listening to us, and the best I can do is sing, smile, raise my hands, and offer this broken vessel, that is full of mistakes and failures.

So back to Winter Retreat, we had 84 people participate, we had 94 there including the bible study leaders, worship band, speaker, and the youth. It was incredible. If you were there, God did some pretty awesome stuff. I am changed, some of our students are changed. I hope in some small way, that we were all changed.

If you know what I am talking about, then tell me about it, reply to this post with what God is doing with you....

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